Written Pearls:

Study the last 5 year inservice exams.
Take the comprehensive MOC study questions in a timed manner.

MOC Exam Study Guide link

Know where your nearest prometric exam site is and understand the rules.

Oral Pearls:

For each unknown remember:
1.  Diagnosis:
2.  Risks/Concerns/Expectations:
3.  Workup/Plan/Timing:
4.  Execution:
5.  Post Operative Management:
6.  Deal with Complications:

Example of dealing with the unknown Cleft Lip:

Other Common Clinical Examples:
Facial Fractures
Head and Neck malignancy with reconstruction
Facial/eyelid/lip/ear skin neoplasm
Facial rejuvenation
Body contouring and Massive Weight Loss
Breast Cancer Reconstruction
Non-cancer breast surgery (asymmetry, gynecomastia, tubular breast deformity)
Trunk reconstruction (sternal wound, pressure sore, abdominal wall reconstruction)
Lower Extremity wound
Hand injury or deformity
Acute burn injury or burn deformity

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

        examples from my practice

        example of a nipple sparing mastectomy with reconstruction

TRAM markings and inset

Deficit following a bilateral TRAM: